Ignite Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. is well structured Professional out sourcing company to make available successful solutions for multifarious business problems of Information & technology. Ladder for our success is well coordination between developing external IT environment and our internal organizational environment.

At Ignite Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. the Development and Delivery Methodology is a result-driven interactive process that ensures superior service with regards to cost, quality and customer's strategic objectives.

As a practice, the Ignite Information Technologies Team adopts a consultative approach by providing technical assistance and advice, identifying and proposing multiple solutions, and developing implementation plans for offshore development projects. All our projects are managed by certified and experienced Project Managers who have sound business and strategic skills, and extensive implementation and project management experience.

Requiremnet Process

To provide perfect solutions, at Ignite Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. we lay a strong emphasis on the requirements definition process. The project requirements are first thoroughly analyzed and clarified through an iterative process. Only after attaining a clear understanding of the project requirements and specifications, the project moves on to the next phase with a clearly laid out project plan that includes identification of risks and a Risk Management plan. This helps us ensure that the final results meet client's specific expectations.

Development Process

At Ignite Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. we follow a complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process with distinct phases. Control of procedures at every phase helps to mitigate project risks and ensure efficient performance and effective project implementation.Our project development cycle as follow :

  • • Requirement Analysis.
  • • Architecture & Data Base Design.
  • • Graphics Design Or Front End Design.
  • • Implementation.
  • • Testing.
  • • Evolution.
  • • Service.

Quality Monitoring

At Ignite Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. QA Professionals and Software Testers are involved through all project phases starting with Initial Business analysis, requirements specifications and analysis to post implementation Performance Monitoring. This parallel Quality Management Plan ensures better understanding of the project scope, business objectives and performance metrics.

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Quality Control

•  Functional and Regression Testing
•  GUI and Usability Testing
•  Accessibility Testing
•  Compatibility Testing
•  Performance Testing
•  Installation/Configuration Testing
•  System/Integration Testing
•  Security Testing
•  User Acceptance Testing (UAT)